Meditation is a practice in which individual person is to focus 100% of attention in one place and make mind as peaceful to reach next level of the meditation. You can do meditation anywhere and at any time but concentrating on your mind plays very important role in the meditation. It allow you access Divya Jyoti Foundation will introduce you to the basics of meditation that enables you to begin your journey at right direction. Meditation is a art of focusing your concentration engaged in your work. For beginners meditation is very difficult for the first time. Daily practice, increase the next level of your confidence and concentration on the path.
Practical Tips for quiet your mind
1.  Make meditation as a daily practice
2.  Start mediation with breathing- this focuses the mind
3.  Stretching loosens and muscles allows you sit comfortably
4.  Feel your body parts, this shows that you are in the right direction.
More information visit: Divya Jyoti Foundation

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