Spiritual Books

Spiritual Books

Spiritual Books

When people are looking for some kind of spiritual direction in their life, they just ask their friends or colleges to suggest some good spiritual books, books will help them to understanding the path they are on.

Books are actually the sources that help us in improving our life by reading true stories and concepts.

Spiritualization is the study of experiences of our ancestors.

Spiritual books discuss personal matters which are spiritually disposed ,it helps you to make some good decisions.

Some spiritual Books are,


This book includes  what is mind ? And its functions.

It has divided into 7 chapters that deal with the every aspect of the functioning of mind and its potency.

Author – Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji


Frequently Asked Questions-

It includes the below topics,

1>Why do i need God ?

2>Why should I practice meditation?

3> What is the science behind spirituality ?


 For more refer- Frequently Asked Questions

The gems of Spirituality:

This book dwells into the deep seated meditation and its technique.

For more Refer-  The gems of Spirituality

Farewell to drugs Forever:

The book “Farewell to Drugs Forever” contains 10 stories of transformation of the hardcore drug addicts. All efforts from all ends, different types of treatments, failed to improve their lot, and they remained hopeless addicts and their friends and relatives had given up all hopes of recovery, before they chanced to interact with the Preachers of the Sansthan.

For More refer- Farewell to drugs Forever

To buy Spiritual Books online Visit – https://www.djfoundation.co/books


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