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Divya Jyoti Foundation provides the Spiritual Books ,Spiritual Magazine and Monthly Magazine called Akhand Gyan We also organize the spiritual classes in our organization to teach about the spiritual life.You can buy of spiritual books online shopping

Samadhi : An essential and integral part of Religion

Religion is not just a talk on doctrines or theories, nor is it sectarianism.Religion does not live in sects and societies… Religion does not consist in erecting temples or building churches or attending public worship.Also it can not be found in books or in words or in lectures or in organisations.Religion does not consist of subscribing to a particular creed or faith but in spiritual realization.Therefore,spiritual realisation.Therefore,spiritual realisation is religion.”

The Hindu does not want to live upon words and theories.If there are existence beyond the ordinary sensual existence,he wants to come face to face with them.If there is a soul,he will go to Him directly.He must see him,and that alone can destroy all doubts.So the best proof a Hindu sage gives about the soul,about God,is,”I have seen the soul,I have seen God.”

“If there is one universal truth in all religions,I place it here-in realizing God.Ideals and methods may differ,but God-Realization is the central point there may be a thousand different radii,but they all converge to the one center,and that is the realization of God.”

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